Traumfrau – Witch Hunt & Moral Panic

25 October 2013 9:30pm

The Loft

Witch Hunt & Moral Panic

Calling all the persecuted, suspected communists and witches, and the paranoid and conspiracy theorists: Don’t sit at home wearing your gas mask and waiting for global warming, chemical weapons, alien invasion, fascists, the war and the plague.
This Halloween party is about overcoming our common fears.

Dress as yours and dance them away.

Forget about pumpkins and ghosts, we can make Halloween A LOT DARKER.

Expect some unusually dark arts and crafts, a bleak & sinister dancefloor, and the chance to exorcise your fears and demons.

Dress code: scaremongers, natural disasters, common phobias, mass hysteria, witches & communists.

Tickets on the door £6
Tickets online £5 at