Riots Mixtape

2 August 2019 18:30

The Spire - St Mark Chapel - Kemptown, Brighton


Riots Mixtape
Songs and stories of Pride!

On Friday August 2nd party-makers Traumfrau Joins forces with the Queer Songbook band and guests, to explore what pride has meant through the decades. From Stonewall Riots to personal discovery.

We’ve invited six inspirational people from the city to perform their queerest and dearest song live on stage, and share a story of their Pride. Be it an intimate moment of self discovery, a collective moment of political liberation, or a joyful moment on the dancefloor. Prepare for laughter, tears, and goosebumps!

The live music gig will be followed by a disco with Is That All There Is To A Disco? DJs Kate St. Shields & Killer Jules play WEIRD music by WEIRD women!

Our guests for this PRIDE edition are:

Ebony Rose Dark: your V.I.P all singing, all dancing, Lip Syncing, storytelling Cabaret/Performance Artist. We can’t wait to hear about Ebony Rose’s proudest and most riotous moment..

Stuart Warwick: writer, performer and clown. He has extensivley toured the UK and Europe with his own music, and is the brain behind Brighton’s incredible avant-garde queer club night – Club Silencio….

Fen Kerrison: multidisciplinary artist, musician, photographer and disability activist, Fen has been making music as i-thou with collaborators since 2017, playing with faves such as Rozi Plain, Rae Spoon and the Space Lady.

Miss Disney aka Maria: Brighton based female drag queen who turns Disney princesses into headstrong queer individuals. One of the campest lesbians you will ever meet she is stepping our of her Disney attire with sparkles and curvy body positive vibes.

David Sheppeard: writer, producer, theatre maker, and all round purveyor of queer culture, the Marlborough’s own David Sheppeard, takes the stage with his signature honesty and love for music. This is his first time singing alone in public.

Kate Shields: having spent most of her 20s playing guitar in London-based post-rock and punk bands, Kate gave it up to move to Brighton to focus on visual art and DJing. Somewhere along the way, she picked up a musical saw and fell in love with it. Since then she contributed the magical sounds of the saw on cabaret, circus and musical stages both near and far…

Rubyyy Jones: perfomer, teacher, muse and all round inspiration, Rubyyy is our ultimate TRAUMFRAU. Are we overexcited she’ll be compering this event? Yes we are.

♡ Friday August 2nd ♡
♡ The Spire – St Marks Chapel ♡
♡ 6:30 Doors – stalls, drinks, aperitif, and chats // 7:30 Riots Mixtape live gig // 10:30 Party with Is That All There Is To A Disco?

♡ £8 – Early birds & Concession // £10 – First Release // £12 – Second Release // £0 Chaperones // £0 Pay It Forward ♡

🖤 What is the Queer Songbook 🖤
The Queer Songbook is a collaborative mixtape of songs reflecting the queer experience, as chosen by our guest singers. In a stunning line up, each song will be performed live, backed by the incredible Queer Songbook Band, a live ensemble of queer musicians.

🖤 Celebrating queer talent 🖤
The Queer Songbook explores and celebrates queer voices in songs from across the ages, engaging audiences in a musical ‘Show and Tell’ of feelings and passion.

🖤 A collective experience 🖤
This is not a simple music gig or a talent show for great voices, it’s a collective experience of both listening and sharing, with music being an intimate reminder of our shared humanity.