Marly x Traumfrau x Pecs present: Very Private? The Party

17 September 2022 8pm until midnight

Charleston house

Part of Queer Bloomsbury


Pecs Drag Kings, DJ Xzan, Affy Go Bang Do It Yourself erotic art exhibition!

Join this queer holy trinity as they lead you through a night of debauched fun! Come early for life-changing and pheromone-altering shows, stay late for delightful dancing with your favourite queer DJs until midnight. On stage: Swoon-worthy all-women and non-binary company Pecs Drag Kings! Expect to be entertained, confused, and aroused, in equal measures!

All Queer Bloomsbury festival event tickets include free entry to our exhibitions, Very Private? and Linder: A Dream Between Waking and Sleeping, opening 17 September 2022.

Music by DJ Xzan and Affy Go Bang

Live show by Pecs

Live art by Artists Models Ink

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Queer Bloomsbury festival events are inspired by Duncan Grant’s erotic drawings and may contain content of a sexual nature.

A free bus service will be running from Brighton and Lewes stations to and from Charleston. View the timetable and reserve your free seat.